Monthly Archives: December 2019

Azure Advent Calendar 2019 – Azure Information Protection

Today is 18th December and my turn to being part of the awesome Azure Advent Calendar. Thanks to Gregor Suttie (@gregor_suttie) and Richard Hooper (@Pixel_Robots) for this great initiative.

In today’s video, linked below, I’m speaking about Azure Information Protection ( I tried to keep the video under 30 minutes, but there is so much to talk about that I ended up doing a full 45 minute session. If you are new to Azure Information Protection, this will hopefully be a good start. If you already know a thing or two about AIP and RMS, you might pick up some tips and pointers as well. I will also go into the new functionality of Unifying Labeling, and look at some of the client experiences.

So with that, here is my contribution for Azure Advent Calendar 2019: